Self-Defense Tactics comprises punching, kicking, elbowing, kneeing and drawing defensive weapons from concealed to protect and defend one's life then to extricate oneself from a violent encounter as quickly as possible.

We do not train to stay in the fight. Our primary training style is to use freestanding bags, shields and mitts to hit aggressively with intensity. We are not sparrers. We are not "ring fighters." We train with this concept: continuous, ballistic combatives (retziv). We "fight" until we believe the threat is no longer a threat or we have extricated ourselves from the violent encounter.

  • surroundings awareness
  • awareness of people near you
  • range awareness
  • concealed defensive weapons
  • inner peace
  • striking with intensity and aggression
  • striking until you are done
  • extricating yourself as soon as possible

Tribers are not expected to train outside of class. Martial Artists and ring fighters do that. We don't necessarily do that. Cobalt is for the ordinary citizen who just wants to develop a self-defense edge, obtain better health and become stronger and more confident. Training outside of class is a HUGE plus and I strongly encourage it!!

Our goal at
Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics is to help Fellow Tribers to be the best we can be while we train. We use good nutrition and employ strength training, kardio conditioning, range awareness, environment awareness, diplomacy and retzev

Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics is based on Concealed Tactical which is US Krav Maga for civilians as taught to me by my instructor, David Escobedo. One of the best sites to read about Krav Maga is David Kahn's site Israeli Krav Maga

YOUR Journey begins with a "critical" decision:
Will you Seek to improve your life and learn to defend yourself?
It doesn't take years or decades to become good at self-defense. At Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics, we train and learn together. We grow through laughter, hard work and sweat.

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A little about me…

I'm a Huntsvillian Import from Oxford, Mississippi. I come from a large Catholic family and I attend church services regularly here. I've been a martial artist since I was in the 8th grade, which gives me over 30 years of marital arts training. I find great joy in training and teaching what I've learned as a martial artist. After having been taught by 3 Krav Maga Instructors here and learning that it matched my inner calling, I finally opened my own studio,
Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics.

Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics is founded on 2 fundamental principles: training and learning. I love to learn and I enjoy inspiring others. In Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics, Krav Maga is our core self-defense art. After my tribe members have mastered my core, we will study more advanced Krav Maga combatives and techniques as well as train with guest instructors. It is expected that as each tribe member grows, they will develop their own core combatives and techniques which work extremely well for them. One size does NOT fit all. So the journey begins by learning and performing the core that I present. Training deepens as tribe members become more proficient and confident in their capabilities as well as developing good friendships with other Tribers. Finally Tribers develop their own way of executing techniques that better fit how they think and move. "Be Water my friend," Bruce Lee

Martial Arts and Self-Defense training is a way of life. As a self-defense instructor, I have earned my Level 1 and Level 2 Instructor's certificates from
David Escobedo through his Concealed Tactical studio. I have trained with David at Concealed Tactical for over 4 years. I hold a black belt in Shotokan Karate and Ryu Kyu Kempo. I have also trained in Jeet Kun Do, Taekwondo and Kenjutsu. My 2 years of Kenjutsu training was under Jesus Hernandez at Spirit Made Steel when he lived here. He has since moved and I have continued to train on my own. I have also been training in Jeet Kun Do on my own for over 5 years. Bruce Lee is my great inspirer and Tommy Carruthers is the JKD instructor whose teachings I follow.

I enjoy teaching the simple ways one can defend themselves that I have learned from Krav Maga and all of my martial arts training. Krav Maga which is the central self-defense system that I use as well as my Instructor: David Escobedo. However, I do not constrain myself nor my students to only practice what we learn in Krav Maga. David does not constraint himself to Krav Maga either.

Self-defense is not a martial art. It is the simple art of executing combatives in a ballistic manner so that one may escape a violent encounter as quickly as possible and then, run like hell! I do not and will not train to "stay in the fight." Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics is about how to survive a violent confrontation by executing continuous ballistic combatives (retzev) and then escaping as soon as possible.

Survival means doing what is necessary to get out alive and escaping the confrontation as soon as the opportunity is created or arises.

HOW YOU TRAIN IS HOW YOU DEFEND YOURSELF!! I am currently training to earn my Level 3 Instructor's certificate from David and I am training to earn my Body Weight workout certificate from Dragon Door. I incorporate body weight exercises in my packages because a strong body automatically improves ones chances of survival.

The packages that I offer entail a journey that tribe members start and continue as part of their life. Private Instruction is for those seeking a more indepth and one-on-one way of training.

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