Self-Defense Tactics offers several packages for the self-defense minded individual as well as those looking for Fitness Kickboxing that has, at it's core, self-defense tactics, techniques and drills. To succeed at Cobalt, one must have an open mind and be willing to set aside what they have learned elsewhere so that they may receive what is taught. Cobalt is very much a team-based way of training self-defense. Respect is paramount. Ego is anathema. Agression and Intensity are necessity. To use Aggression and Intensity appropriately, I train my Tribers to respectfully communicate with each other so that we aid one another while climbing the 5 Mountains of Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics.

Later, in the Journey Deepens, students are then expected to tailor Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics to fit their personal and unique ways. Bruce Lee has always been and always will be my personal inspiration for how I expect my students to learn, train and become greater than who they were 5 minutes ago.

"No Way, as Way. No Limitation as Limitation" Bruce Lee

Packages Brief
  • Absolute Beginner - for the one who has never been a member of a martial arts or self-defense school
  • Journey Begins - for those who hunger for the full beginning experience of Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics Krav Maga
  • Journey Deepens - for those who've been training at Cobalt for 2 years and are ready to make Cobalt their own
  • Women's Only Self-Defense - the Journey Begins for Lady's only
  • Fitness Kickboxing - for those seeking more Kardio than Teammate workouts (Coming Soon…)

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