Self-Defense Tactics is the fitness wing of Cobalt Studios and we offer several packages for self-defense and fitness minded individuals and families. All classes have at their core self-defense principles that I take from Cobalt Self-Defense Tactics - my Civilian version of Israeli Krav Maga.

To succeed at Cobalt, one must empty their 'cup,' absorb like a sponge, discipline themselves to be a Excellent Triber (Good Team-member who helps fellow Tribers train well), workout with joy and be friendly in class. Respect is paramount. Ego is anathema.

We offer Fitness Kickboxing, Body Weight Workouts, Self-Defense classes for Adults and Kids, Weapon for Adults only and Ground Combatives classes.

Come In, Join our Tribe and have fun in our Sandbox!!!

"No Way, as Way. No Limitation as Limitation" Bruce Lee