Self-Defense Tactics

Gear may be purchased within the Studio!

I buy my helmets from Tommy Carruthers, my JKD Instructor. They are expensive but worth every penny!!
We use Googles ALL the time because of the type of self-defense techniques we employ: eye gouges, finger jabs, knife and bat defenses, headlocks and more!!! VERY Necessary piece of equipment
For those who do not want their ears to ring when performing Knees with a Clinch, Krav Ground Fighting Escapes and and a host of self-defense needs to protect one's ears when training, these are a MUST HAVE.
Pain and Suffering are part of Training. Shin guards help to cut that edge so that we can train more than once a week. Using our Shins as guards and striking weapons, these guards help us to train often and keep going while in a training session!!!
There are many types of Gloves that I use. Tiger Claw gloves I have found to be the best. These Everlast are good, too
Personal Defense Gloves which double as motorcycle driving gloves or, as I use them, as driving gloves. I personally recommend and I don't leave my house without them
$ Varies
Guard Dog Pepper Spray
SOG: Excellent Blade, Great Safety Locking Features; I love it!
Kubatons, and yes, it's a Pen that really writes. I have 2 for personal setf-defense

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